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Dildos And Fists: Dylan Saunders and Manuel Olveyra

With his face masked and his ass on display, Manuel Olveyra is craving for his man-crack to get filled. Enter Dylan Saunders, with a bucket of lube and an evil-looking anal dildo! Lubing up the toy, Dylan wields it deep into Manuel’s hole until the sphincter relaxes and gapes wide, exposing his hot, pink guts. Leveling up for his own fist, Dylan pushes himself fist-deel into Manuel’s man chute. Dylan lies on his back and jerks off as Manuel lowers his ass down onto Dylan’s pointed fist. Flip flopping, Manuel uses his left hand to pleasure himself with a big toy and his right hand to stuff Dylan’s man cave. The smooth skin around Dylan’s hole stretches out completely without any folds as it accommodates Manuel’s fist and wrist. Getting on his hands and knees, Dylan takes Manuel’s fist doggy style, and Manuel jerks a massive load out of his gigantic, uncut cock.

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